Karnataka Institute of Cricket

DR. Anuradha Doddaballapur

Dear Irfan Sir,
Hope you are doing well. Sorry that I couldn’t come to see you this time while in India. I was traveling for a few weeks and had the chance to only spend 4-5 days in Bangalore. I completed my PhD in molecular cardiology end of last year and recently started working at one of the leading heart research institutes in Germany.

Of course Cricket has been very much active during the last 4 years in Germany- I used to play for the women’s team in Cologne and the German national women’s team in the previous seasons. The German cricket board and I collectively decided to start a development project in Frankfurt last year. Its been a lot of work gathering funds, recruiting/coaching beginners and promoting the sport in a country where its not very popular.

To assist the process, I completed level 2 coaching course held by ICC Europe. And now this year, the new Frankfurt women’s team will enter their first league championship hosted by the German Cricket Board.
In the last few months of coaching young talents, I’ve come to realize how difficult a job it is to play a coach’s role and what a tremendous influence a coach has on the developing players. Also, the result is just as rewarding when you see those young girls develop to be good sportsman. I can’t help but quote you many a times in our training sessions and how invaluable your contribution has been to each of us who have trained under you.
I’ve always had the utmost respect for you as a mentor and I’m grateful for what you’ve helped us girls achieve in cricket- which has translated to every aspect of our lives. The discipline and perseverance you instilled in me and many of us has certainly pushed us to be the best at what we do- professionally and otherwise. I just wanted to write this email to let you know what an inspirational coach you’ve been and now that I’m on the other side- I’ve come to value your efforts even more.
Best wishes to you and everyone at KIOC,
Dr. Anuradha Doddaballapur
Women’s Officer
Frankfurt CC/ Hessischer Cricket Verband
Tel: +49 176 6197 9962