Karnataka Institute of Cricket

KIOC Scientific High Performance Training programmes

At KIOC, we do our best to expose our trainees to very scientific High Performance Training programmes, along with appropriate tools to help, monitor, track and assess progress of our wards. Bowling machines, Video Analysis and Sports Analysis software are few of the facilities our trainees enjoy.

»  Six Bowling Machines.
»  Quintic Video analysis Software and digital equipment.
»  Speed Check Radar.
»  Flood Lights facility for coaching after sunset.
»  Hostel for overseas and out-station trainees.
»  Transport facilities.
»  In-house physio-therapist to attend to injuries.
»  Dedicated and passionate coaching staff.

»  20 fully covered nets with cement, turf, artificial turf and 'coir' matting wickets.
»  Only Cricket center in India that operates 365 days & 15 hours a day.
»  Provides All India tournament experience for Under 10, 13, 15, 17, 19, and Seniors.
»  All modern coaching aids ( Equipment ).
»  Fitness Trainers.
Contract Training @ KIOC by:
»  Dinesh Browankar - Strength & Conditioning
»  Abhinav Manohar - Strength & Conditioning