Karnataka Institute of Cricket


Referring to a video posted by Irfan Sait in Instagram Noshtoush, present USA Cricketer also KIOC Ex Trainee says “As you spoke, the memories of all the 6:30 AM practice sessions and evening sessions came to life.

As you rightly said, it was disappointing every time I didn’t make the cut during the age groups but you helped me stay positive and encouraged me throughout!You thought me the secrets of what discipline and dedication can help achieve if we put efforts whole-heartedly.
You summed up my entire life in those few minutes. I am really blessed and grateful to have had you over the last 20 years (yes, it’s been 20 yrs since I joined KIOC)! I believe it’s just getting started but I couldn’t have achieved whatever little I have without you in my journey.

We are working hard to qualify for the T20 world cup in Australia and hopefully we make it to the world cup 2023 that’s to be played in India! Would be a dream to come back and play there. Will see you soon back at KIOC! Thanks again!”